B&C Exchange release (hard fork!) coming October 25, Wed, 12:00 UTC

A release will be made to let shareholders revert the recent large grants that during a period of reportedly bad connectivity and low network difficulty increased supply by 250%. No shareholder plan has emerged relating to the grants, which suggests they were opportunistically malicious. Shareholders have the power to begin voting on a chain that do not include these grants. Such a chain can be created using this upcoming release.

It’s important that the fork has majority shareholder support quickly. We urge all B&C Exchange shareholders who disagree with the passing of these grants to download the new wallet immediately on release and begin voting.

Fork will begin at a point where there is 43% support for all five grants, in total 500,000 BKS. That is to allow transactions made after the grants on the current chain to be rebroadcasted on the new chain.

New wallet will be released October 25, Wednesday, 12:00 UTC.