B&C Exchange needs people to host seed nodes


Any interest on having the B&C blockchain files available as a torrent? We did the same for Nu here: Download NuBits blockchain (bootstrap)


It appears to be down right now.


Oh? It’s working for me. https://bc-xplor.mj2p.co.uk
What do you see when accessing the site?

A torrent of the B&C files would be very handy indeed. The Nu files have been a great help several time already.


Odd. It doesn’t work for me.
Can’t make a screenshot quickly, here is a part copy/paste and all is empty like:

            {{ws.status_list.height | number}}
            BKS Supply 
            ~ {{ws.status_list.moneysupply | number}}
            BKC Supply 
            ~ 0
            BKS Price 
            BKC Price 


Hmm. That seems like the page is being served but the angular stuff isn’t being populated. Do you have javascript tuned off in your browser?


No, otherwise discuss.nubits.com would also have trouble to display properly. Have been playing a bit with this, tested Windows FIrefox, Ubuntu Firefox and Android Firefox but none are working.