Automatically remove successful motions and grants

When a motion or grant successfully passes, the client interface should remove that item from the list of the user’s configured votes.

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This is coming down the pipeline. Not sure what release but it’s coming.

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This actually raised a question in my mind. Is this going to be just a UI enhancement or will or affect the protocol? I guess my true question is what happens to voting on already passed motions in the current protocol? Does the current continue voting on it indefinitely or does it stop voting once it’s determined that the motion has passed? Why is this a point to stand on you ask? Well if the client continues to vote on motions that has already passed, the voting in essence is pointless and it will only create more bloat in the block chain if every one keeps voting on all motions including ones that already passed. Shouldn’t the current stop voting on passed motions and automatically remove then from its voting list? Maybe keep local archive of all the motions, custodians, and interest rates votes the client (or the currently used private key) has contributed to the network along with the results of the voting?

Random thoughts while I sit in class :slight_smile:

All good points.