Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems To Be

I’m not normally a fan of Newsweek, but this article was very well written.

I found it pretty thought provoking. I’m just going to rattle off what I ended up thinking about, so apologies if I sound like a moron.

It made me think about humanity’s tendency toward corruption. It seems like whenever people come together and create large structures like a government or corporation it always finds itself on a path toward something like that. I don’t know if I believe that individual people can be truly evil, but it seems when we create structures like that we create ‘evil factories’. We let these soulless ideas or concepts take up a major part of our psyche. It seems that even if a major catastrophe wiped out most of humanity and we could almost ‘start fresh’, it would just end up happening again. Then it got me wondering if we would need to give up or change a portion of what makes us, us, by literally changing how our brains think - in order to get over some of our bullshit.

lol. Thanks for sharing.

what needs to change is what is nature to all living things, fighting for survival, like a war, sometimes exactly like a war, it is complicated, through evolution, one of the oldest instincts, oldest parts of the brain, it is difficult, we’re not there yet, not even close, some people say it is not possible and war is deep in our souls, needed for some reason, I hope I’m not wrong disagreeing with them

just my two nubitcents

Some deep thoughts here. Nice to see. Here is my contribution:
I think without war and survival mechanism we won’t be here. On the other hand if we manage to go beyond evolution we would live in a perfect world basically making us obsolete. So we are clearly somewhere between those two extremes. We are here, but are far from living in a perfectly balanced world.

So survival mechanisms still strongly apply. Discussions, persuading, convincing, threatening and socialising are just slightly more sophisticated then just going to war and shooting and killing each other. We can only hope that sophistication is more effective for survival than the killing in the long term. There must be an evolutionary reason why our species has such well developed brains…