As they say in Bitcoin land, "GOOD NEWS!"

I just got off of a Skype call with Ronny from CCEDK, the exchange that we’ve been talking to. On Monday morning his development team will begin to integrate NuBits into their exchange with the tentative plan to have live trading markets READY TO GO on Monday, September 22.

Tenatively, they will be hosting three trading pairs for us:

  • NBT / USD
  • BTC / NBT
  • PPC / NBT

He would like to launch with a set of co-marketed announcements, so I expect that @David and @Cybnate (and anyone else who gets pulled in) will have stuff to work on this week. I’ll send out an email with the details that I have once I’ve finalized the notes from my call.

Also, CCEDK’s API is in final release testing with a couple of sites (I believe he said and are the two sites working on this test with them), and provided it works as expected, it will be available later this week for public use. Ronny is sending me the documentation for the API so we can give @desrever a chance to get the integration set up before we need it for NuBot.

Finally, please remember that the above details represent a “best case” scenario. We don’t have a reason to believe that there will be any complications, but with the large number of moving parts that we have, on both sides, if something did come up, we’d likely be bumped to a September 29 release (I get the impression that they do a weekly scheduled update).

Please let me know if you have any questions.


I will be posting details of a proposed release plan for the 23rd shortly.


Here are the trading and information API docs for CCEDK.

@desrever, can you please review and let me know if you see anything missing or that doesn’t look compatible with what we’re doing? Thanks!


I’m glad this is being pushed back a bit. We’re very close, but not quite there yet.

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Excellent news in NuNet land, I’m glad things are working out the way they should.