ArchLinux AUR package for Nu

I have created AUR package for ArchLinux, and ArchLinux based distributions like Manjaro, Antegros, etc.

This is automated script that will configure and install Nu wallet system-wide and enable easy installation for those Linux users.

It is as simple as:

yaourt -S nubits-wallet


packer nubits-wallet

It probaby needs some polish, so please test and report.

I do have proposals for person who builds .zip package in downloads.

  1. Do not use md5 for hash, use sha256
  2. Sign the .zip with gnupg, it will give it some credibility and it is same for me as I can automate gpg check in PKGBUILD script easily.
  3. To match this package for other linux users create Ubuntu PPA or use

If you need more info, feel free to contact me. I have a lot of experience with this.


I saw we were added on twitter. Was very confused! Thanks for adding us.

Np. I did not know they have this bot on twitter, so thanks for info.


So I can install nu client on my peerbox?

Can it be used for Raspberry Pi?

No, this is not related to Peerbox, this is for ArchLinux on Intel i686/x86_64. So not for Raspberry Pi. It will not run on Raspberry Pi.

This package can be used for Peerbox-kvm but I did not test that yet.


I have updated and reorganized Nu PKGBUILD scripts.

Now there is a choice, to use binary provided by the upstream or build it from source.
I recommend to build from source as that is safest method and will provide hardened binary.
Source package beside qt based GUI wallet provides Nu daemon too.