Apple's $100 Billion Waste: Tim Cook's Single Biggest Mistake As CEO

[quote]However, recall that the capital return program was announced in the Spring of 2012. Apple’s stock price initially dropped in the first few weeks afterwards. It then rushed up through September 2012 to all-time highs before losing half its value. The stock price bottomed out in mid-2013 and only really started taking off this year after a very bullish April earnings report.

Correlation is not causation. It’s not the Apple capital return program that made people want to buy (or sell) the stock. Rather, it’s Apple’s product cycle, margins, and top-line revenue growth.


Apple Co has great profit earning capability, while Nu system is lack of it.

So I suugest "no dividend“ policy for Nu until we find a very good way to make profit.


I favor the 0% reserve scheme since our reserve security is very vurnable, but untill we get there i agree on the full reserve (no dividend), i’d rather wait for transaction fees or any other profits than small dividends that may increase the peg failiure risks.

I also like to see custodial fees to be paid in Nushares not Nubits.

What would be the role of Peercoin in such a scheme?

Nothing, All the automated schemes we discuss would distribute the profits in nubits even if we don’t say so :slight_smile: , However. it is up to the share holders to buy peercoin as an asset to store their money, it is possible though that the protocol converts all the transaction fees to the choosen custodials who then buy peercoin and distribute them, but i don’t think share holdes will vote for this mess not even to support peercoins.

Edit: may be they would to be sure that these Nubits won’t be immidiately pumped in the sell side and risk loosing the peg!