Anyone tried to contact OKcoin or Bitfinex?

Since we need much more liquidity on NBT/USD, and since OKcoin and Bitfinex are comparatively open to new crypto currencies with huge volume on BTC/USD, I think we should contact them about adopting NBT/USD.

we did but they always had another plan

i see. did they get some stocks from theter?
(it seems that bitfinex accepts thether as a deposit/withdraw method but not as a crypto exchanged on the exchange)
is JL thinking about giving shares to exchange partners as an incentive to accept NuBits?
Maybe this is one of the roles of the undistributed shares…

Do not try to get involved with Bitfinex, or OKcoin.
Both exchanges are toxic, and seem very scammy.

Maybe ?

That is what I immediately had in mind when seeing them in the hedging discussion.

I have them on Skype lined up. They are aware of NSR and NBT and were almost ready with a CNY pair back before public launch. But back then, we did not need CNY pair, so we lost track of it. I believe that it will be very beneficial if you guys try to contact them and see that there is actual interest from the community!


This comment seems to be full of speculation. Can you back this up with anything concrete?

I know rumours love to float, but with regard to exchanges, there are plenty of traders who find Ok and Finex to be the two best options in the crypto space. I was sceptical of Ok for a long time, but once I tried I was blown away with their usability, customer support, and professionalism. Their volume makes perfect sense to me now … they’re the best crypto exchange.

I was also impressed by the reliability of their user interface as well.