Anyone still here?

Last activity over a week ago, is this project abandoned?

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Peercoin team member replied to their member about Nubits, is this true?

In that post I was referring to MasterOfDisaster, a member of FLOT who vanished after the first peg collapse with a bunch of BTC. And then there was the guy who operated NuLagoon, who also vanished with people’s funds.

Seem like alot of FUD before , and price still bellow 0,5$ for last 3,5 years. Hope people still belive on Nubits :wink:

I believe in the concept of NuBits, and I believe others will too once we manage to construct it the way envisioned. I’m deeply frustrated by various circumstances in my personal life throwing me off the momentum of working with this project I love.

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So does this mean you have stopped working at Nubits ?I think almost 4 years since Nubits collapsed, there are still quite a few investors who are still interested in this project, it would be a shock if you are no longer working on the nubits project.

I remain involved with the team, but the reality is that I have not been able to function at the level I used to, for reasons that really are personal.

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Understood , thanks for reply :hugs:

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Have a chance to the project back on the track?