Anyone can estimate the cost of payment processor for NuBits?

I am comparing with credit card and paypal - how would work a nubits point of sale and how much would it charge as fees? if not attractive vs fiat, or credit cards, that would not fulfil an important objective

Is the payment processor moving funds from NBT > BTC > Fiat? If so it would probably be:

0.01 NBT to move a payment to an exchange

  • 0.2% exchange commission * amount
  • 0.0001 BTC to move it to Coinbase
  • ~1.0% exchange fee
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And if the payment stays in NBT? eg, I pay my dinner at a restaurant in NBT, and the recipient holds the payment in NBT, what would be the typical fees of a payment processor?

Just the 0.01 NBT (per 1kb of data transferred) fee for the transaction.

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Now, that’s a Value Proposition - 1 NBT tx bears how much kb?

It depends on the number of inputs used to make up the total amount sent. Realistically, from what I’ve seen in the block explorer, most NBT transactions seem to be 0.01 NBT with a few 0.02 NBT.

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@ben we could imagine coinbase handles nubits direclty without using btc as intermediary if there are enough reliable exchanges out there handling nubits.