Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. (Thanks in advance)

Mostly everyone w/ Nu is probably familiar w/ the Poloniex issue on withdrawals I assume. My issue is no different, Ive been trying to find info on the problem along with any possible solutions. Does anyone know what i can mabye do to complete the eithdrawal? Also if I cancel the withdrawal would I lose my NSR? Would I have to wait again from the start, making it so that i wasted my time? Any help is appreciated thank you community!

tell me you have not tried to write a complaint on the site bbb? I recently had a deal with lock my account on bittrex. week not responsible for the ticket. after treatment through the site bbb, I just answered and unblock my account.

No i havent. Ive make a ticket on the poloniex support site but not the bbb site. Should i make one on bbb?

I just reread your comment im writing a conplaint now on the bbb site thank you.

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