Another buzzword in the space : Predictable volatility

I noticed the price of ARCHis on a rise and I’ve found out they claim to have

Predictable volatility “Through exclusive insider information sharing.”

I wonder what is this about. Does anybody here happen to have an “insider” ?

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I feel it would be a manipulated currency to say the least but with no supply control mechanism in place it is likely to become a manipulated very bad currency unfortunately.

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Algorithm: Scrypt [Proof of Stake]
Total initial supply: 16 180 339*
Variable Network-Stake-Dependent Interest: 3% to 20% year Block time: 60 seconds
Min Coin Age: 1 day (24h)
Coin Age Maturity: 6 days (144h

So what is ARCH’s target? All three fundamental core revenue channels, BTC from every new human that adopts bitcoin and enters the crypto-currency ecosystem, FIAT from the ones outside this ecosystem and finally, KNOWLEDGE from all the active traders searching for reliable insider trading information. To achieve this it’s necessary to re- design the way the coins ecosystem works so that independent volatility inside the coins ecosystem doesn’t affect its overhaul growth.
Why factor knowledge in ARCH? This relates to the most misconceived element of crypto-currency, the idea of “community”. Communities in crypto are as volatile as the coin they are supporting and even the most loyal tend to stop their active support as soon as they exit, because in fact, every supporter is in essence a trader looking to profit in the long run from the coins growth and “possible adoption” or in the short run from access to insider information. What happens is that the word “community” is sometimes used to conceal the absence of responsibility in its commitment to “shareholders” and
although it’s a decentralized crypto currency only a few possess the marketing changing knowledge regarding its developments. In this cluster like community model even assets and features are so tied to specific developers that their exit means the exit of that corresponding asset or feature from lack of support.
So to insure the success of the ARCH business model, it’s also necessary to offer KNOWLEDGE as a permanent and retainable asset that appeals to the most profitable niche of the crypto-economy, us TRADERS. This is done by creating a set of exclusive tools essential for trading successfully, only available to shareholders, at the very core of ARCHcoin.

Now money coming in through assets is still not enough and shareholders deserve to be rewarded periodically for their initial investment. In this context, features and assets should be deeply integrated into the coins fungibility to a point where buying a certain amount of ARCH not only guarantees you privileged access to information regarding trading info, money flow, asset sales, market buys, but also rights to its structural decisions, just like any administration board member in a corporate business model. You the administration know before the general public does. Hence the predictable volatility.