Annual summary of Nubits 2015?

I thought it might be a good idea to summarize the story of nubits in 2015.
Problem is who is our best writer?

Same thing could apply to ppc/bks.

Can we crowdfund a bounty for @Sentinelrv to finish “The history of Nu” for the 2015? It already has a good portion filled out, and he did an amazing job with what has been created so far.

If he has time of course.


@CoinGame, I will most likely finish catching up on the forum this weekend. I’ve been reading everything over the last month and am almost finished. As soon as I’m done, I can start going through everything to update the history.

Well I still think everyone should chip in to compensate you for your future and past efforts. It’s a really fantastic section of our docs page.

Sure, I’d appreciate it if you guys wanted to set something up, thanks!

Add a tipping button in the history page. :bulb:


You have done a great job and the community is lucky to have you. I will donate 100 ppc for the article.

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