[ANN] The Launch of NuLagoon Exchange, BKS/mBTC is listed

Dear community,

We are happy and proud to launch the new innovative NuLagoon Exchange.


BKS/mBTC is the first market listed on it. We spend lots of time, effort, and resource to design and build it. Enjoy it.



Very good @henry. This makes me happy. Your exchange has every appearance of meeting the criteria for the $3600 reward. If you don’t mind let’s get a little use on the exchange to verify BlockShare holders are getting what they paid for. I am hoping we can sufficiently verify it is working over a week’s time. Can we set that time frame (one week) as a goal for paying the reward?

No one else besides NuLagoon is eligible for the reward given this development, pending verification of whether the exchange actually works as advertised (I’m betting it will work, or will soon with bug fixes).

Thank you @henry!

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I’d like exchanges to display in USD what the prices equal to, using a BTC price feed. Would make it easier to overview and place orders. I’m not sure the best way to implement it. What do you think?

The first orders are being placed, with the lowest sell order around $1.20 and the highest buy order around $0.55. Let’s deepen the volume and lower the spread.

We bought BKS at $4 and now price so low, this is the worst investment I’ve done.

Bought for $5 and over still coming to grips with this. Second worst investment I ever made besides NSR and playing lotto :astonished:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I disobeyed the rule and get punished.


I’m in the same situation as lady @Cybnate (I bought BKS >= $5)

I’d like to share my (hard) learned lessons in this crypto-token investment. From now on I only invest in crypto projects which:

a) development is managed by public known developers who are willing to attend to conferences, congresses, conventions, debates, devcon, expos, hackathons, meetups, trade exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, trade fairs, trade shows, webinars, workshops, etc. So that developers could even be asked/charged for development’s situation in person;

b) development is managed by a “Dream Team” of developers (e.g. acclaimed coders, cientists, engineers, etc according to their sucessfully past achievements, developments and reputation);

c) in case it’s an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or any other form of crowdsale/crowdfunding then the funds raised by developers must be held by trusted or multi-party (multi-sig) escrow AND project must be shown in a very detailed white-paper and roadmap must be available OR demo, alpha, PoC or beta version must be already deployed and available;

d) business plan or revenue model is endorsed by relevant/acclaimed companies, venture capitalists, reputed angel investors, or reputed universities and institutes;

e) MarketCap (USD) < Top25 in CoinMarketCap (to avoid crazy hype/frenzy pump & dump volatility).

P.s. I only get in those projects that satisfy the min. requirement of 3 options out of the 5 above mentioned.

My overall position about the current BCX situation is that BCX’s development should’ve been managed independently from all NuBit/NuShares operation…

I still hold the opinion that BCX’s development fund should be managed in a segregated way and should be kept in BTC in order to attract more developers from cryptocurrency community.

Most of that BTC (from BCX’s dev fund) should be used mostly for dev grants and dev tasks.

–edit: some common typos that always comes up when you’re sleepy.


DISCLAIMER: I’m still a BKS shareholder and I still believe we can get that locomotive (BCX platform) on its railroads again (100% operational). I’m still in!

I’m not a NSR shareholder.


@Financisto you may be pleased to know B&C met your investment criteria just about as well as is possible, with the exception not being in the top 25 market cap. It is a promising project. Honestly, the profound failure of Nu multisig groups to follow shareholder directives and make rational choices casts doubt on the viability of the B&C Exchange. The hope is that where reputed signers’ jobs are going to be completely automated, signers won’t have an easy opportunity to cause damage with poorly exercised discretion as occurred in Nu this year.

To get the price up, we need positive action coming from shareholders. In recent months, only sigmike and myself have done anything positive for B&C. It needs a broader based effort, especially where sigmike and I are both distracted with other endeavors.

It never ceases to amaze me how this community will skip over the important tasks that need to be done while indulging in conspiracy theories and pity parties.

Right now we need development to move forward. Shareholders have elected @sigmike to lead development. I’m very much on board with that. @sigmike, not so much. He has publicly expressed reservations about getting paid through the blockchain, as he prefers to be paid by a registered company. Shareholders have done exactly nothing to meet this important demand by a person shareholders clearly want to lead development. That is irresponsible on the part of shareholders.

Finally, @Financisto, I want to correct your statement that you are BKS holder but not an NSR holder. Every BKS holder is an NSR holder, because almost all assets held by B&C are NSR. B&C cannot succeed if Nu fails. Many, if not most forum participants seem to be in denial about this fundamental reality.

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I contacted Gliss @ bitcointalk.org to ask for listing BKS/mBTC market on Coinmarketcap, but got no reply. When I take a closer look, it seems BKS as a coin is not list on coinmarketcap any more. They should list the coin before list the coin’s market. Can any BKS shareholders let Gliss relist BKS?

I have set around 900 BKS to sell at 1 mBTC each. If someone else sees more hope for B&C, please take them off my hands.

Help, my BTS are stuck on NuLagoon and I can’t get them back because I lack the 0.1 BKS to cancel the order.

If anyone has a heart, please help me send 0.1 BKS to 8HUgMq5Jpb8GhqhnRhU9fj6qXczXAvW1xZ

Please halp!

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I’m confused. According to the block explorer the above address has 65 BKS, with no transactions since December 10th.

Please report back if the NuLagoon BlockShare exchange is working for you, because there seems to be a problem with NuLagoon Tube right now.

I’ve put all my BKS in an order and would like to cancel it. To cancel I need to send 0.1 BKS to the above mentioned address. But I don’t have any BKS left, and I also can’t buy for some reason.

I’ll send you some Bitcoin fraction too if you PM me your address. Thx!


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Sent you about 2.5 Dollar. Thanks!

NuLagoon seems to be offline though. At least for me now.

EDIT: NuLagoon works now, please send.

What happened to the exchange? I see nothing on the order books. @henry? Is it the same for everyone else?

Unfortunately, it appears @henry is gone. He was last seen December 17. Funds around the sum of his expected payment went missing from NuLagoon Tube and he didn’t respond. Apparently, NuLagoon Tube continued to operate as we successfully withdrew almost all BTC.

I’m not sure his disappearance is malicious.