[ANN] The Creation Of NuLagoon Tube - Bonus Available Now

as BTC, i always send one excange to others, if i want to use this system , i have to register my client and receiver the BTC then send it to exchange acoount, it wast time at BTC netword to confirm.

PS:as my word , you can setup as a payment gateway.

Thank you for the explanation.

If you always keep your BTC on exchanges, there is a big problem that your BTC is always subjected to exchange default risks. We suggest you to use a wallet like Electrum to store your money off exchange. It is quite easy to use.

Very nice service.
Does it tap into nulagoon liquidity for converting?
I really want to give it a try.

Yes. We treat NuLagoon Tube as the third exchange supported by NuLagoon Pools

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We just lauched a bonus project to introduce NuBits and NuLagoon Tube to the Bitcoin community. It is highly appreciated if you could help to share the informations to anyone may interested. Thank you.



once again the bonus comes after i have already used the service :smiley:

TIPS to use the Tube:

  1. The registration magic numbers will be regenerated if you reload the NuLagoon website. Don’t reload the website before you send the both NBT and BTC register request transactions. Register request will be active in searching another request to build addr pair for 1 day.

  2. Before sending the exchange tansaction, please check the “Live Addr Pairs” to see if your pair is sucessfully registered. Otherwies your transaction will be marked invalidIn and be refunded.

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Cross post from https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1297984.msg13324687#msg13324687

After having sent the displayed amount of NBT and BTC to the NuLagoonTube addresses, what else is required to tie those two addresses to each other and allow conversion from NBT to BTC or vice versa through them?

How do you make them appear at the “Live Addr Pairs”?

There are some “register requests” listed in the “Blockchain TXs” overview, which can’t be found in the “Tube Transactions” overview or the “Live Addr Pairs” overview.

Replied at the bitcointalk.org. Thank you.

The function of back-end is simple, if we detect there is fund send in, then we convert it into another kind of coin with the latest BTC price, and send fund out to the address registered in the address pair.

Our target user is BTC holders who don’t know or don’t have a convinient and effective way to control their exposure to BTC volatility risk.

The Tube 's transaction fee will be our revenue.

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Dear Tube users,

Because our register process is new to many traditional exchange users, we have seen many register request failed. We would like to remind all the NuLagoon Tube users to read the user guide carefully. You should send the exact number of NBT and BTC shown in the “User Guide”. Feel free to ask questions in this post or in the chatbox of the nulagoon.com.

We would also like to announce that all the fund send to the Tube as register request will be return back to you after you successfully register an address pair. Just post a register request refund request here.

Thank you.

Interesting project.

Due to different exchanges volatility (price feed sources) maybe spread should be raised to something between 0.3% and 0.5% initially (it might be reduced in the future)…

P.s. tried to access/test nulagoon.com with Tor Browser but it didn’t load no data (only images).

BTW, will this change anything inside pools A, C and D?

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Thank you for the feedback.

Spread is raised to 0.4% for now.

We just upgraded the site to let Tor Browser work with it. Please have a try again.

Tube is another exchange supported by NuLagoon pools. The fund used to provide liquidity in Tube will be reported as Tier1 liquidity in Nu Client. It doesn’t change anything inside pools A, C and D.

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and still 0.2% transaction fee?


We just confirmed and fixed a problem of the site when user use the web browser IE. Now http://nulagoon.com works fine with IE 8 or above.

Would @coingame consider listing this as an exchange on the website?

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Side note: I’m working with @henry to add NuLagoon Tube to ALix Walls and Volume, as soon as their API is ready.


My understanding is it’s a very new service. I know NuLagoon has been operating wonderfully for the community but I would like to get some confirmation that this new service is working well before we put it up on the site. I don’t have the assets required to try it out myself, can we get some confirmation from community members?