[ANN] sell side gateway at CCEDK by masterOfDisaster

Continuing the discussion from [ANN] sell side gateway at Bittrex by masterOfDisaster:

Important note

This gateway isn’t ready, because testing is not complete.

edit: @desrever, does NuBot work at the moment with the changes CCEDK made? Things like this:

need to be adjusted in the NuBot wrapper as well, right?


To continue the path to a focussed liqudity provision scheme, I want to offer a sell side (sell side only!) gateway at CCEDK (US-NBT/BTC pair).
That’s why I thought a sell side gateway there might be appreciated.

About the exchange

I have no clue about the abilities of API credentials. CCEDK doesn’t support listing/granting/removing rights from a API key pair.

The NBT deposit address is BSBNGDGcSTJS4YvQQyXPM4pSv13PPXW4vk.
I won’t post a BTC deposit address as I don’t intend to make it a dual side gateway.

Awaking shareholders

I’m not intending to create a motion for the contract.
I will strictly refer to the discretion of FLOT.
If FLOT deposits funds from the FLOT multisig address, this contract will be enabled.
The proposal at Daology is to provide a hash to ensure the contract doesn’t get changed after it has started.

If NSR holders don’t want this to happen or want to stop it, they might create a motion to stop it.


Hashed version of this contract:
Hash: e77acef941ea4e0afe5061932bdc22b4fbc7dab8

Copied version of the Daology version (“Sell Side Gateway at CCEDK by masterOfDisaster”):

### Intro

@masterOfDisaster - below called "the operator" - will operate a NuBot on the exchange mentioned below. The liquidity is being broadcast using a custodial address to allow tracking the liquidity situation of the bot. If the gateway needs funding, Nu (FSRT, FLOT, JordanLee, etc.) sends NBT to the exchange account deposit address. The NBT get sold and the earned BTC are not put into orders, but get transferred to a Nu address (T4 buy side) on a regular basis.

The process of selling NBT can be tracked with the getliquiditydetails RPC.

### Disclaimer

The operator charges a low fee for this sell side gateway, but offers no guarantee for anything - neither the availability of NuBot nor malfunctions of NuBot nor outages of the internet access nor the funds on the exchange.
The operator promises to send all (remaining) NBT and traded BTC to Nu (FSRT, FLOT) on a regular basis.
The operator is not responsible for tracking the funding level of the gateway.
The operator won't take any of the funds or trade them.
Nobody except Nu should send NBT to the gateway as **all** proceeds (or remaining NBT) will solely be sent to Nu addresses.
Funds that have been put on the exchange account by the operator for testing/monitoring purposes before the contract starts, are excluded from this rule.

### Parameters

* Operator: @masterOfDisaster
* Type: NuBot
* Exchange: ccedk.com
* NBT deposit address: BSBNGDGcSTJS4YvQQyXPM4pSv13PPXW4vk
* Pair: NBT/BTC
* Mode: Sell side only
* Sell Side Offset: > 1%
* Duration: 30 days, automatically extended by 30 days until withdrawal of all funds has been requested by authorized entity (NSR holder motion, FLOT majority in the respective group)
* Liquidity broadcast address: BETwD8nSjtj9ADSvej2na34xmsMYwPRymv
* Operator Fee: 30 NBT

### Activation of the gateway / starting the contract

Operation starts the day a Nu representative group or person (JordanLee, FLOT, FSRT) deposits funds at the deposit address AND the funds are put on order.

The NBT broadcast address was once granted here for sell side activities at Poloniex.
It will be reused here, as it’s not Poloniex, but still a sell side activity.

The broadcast address will be shared between the Bittrex gateway, the hitBTC gateway and this one (and maybe additional gateways I’ll offer).
That makes checking the liquidity a little bit more complicated, but after thinking twice, requesting and tracking a dedicated NBT address for each operation creates a lot of efforts for both the NSR holders and the operators.
Liquidity per exchange is still available through “getliquiditydetails” RPC.
One NBT address for liquidity broadcasting per operator should be fine.

Test run

NuBot settings from the test run:

test results:

...pending... ran out of time
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