[Ann] Parking rates promotional website Parkyournubits.com

It’s a quite useful piece of information for times in which parking interest is offered.
So we should hope that there’s seldom need for it :wink:

I just recognized the calculator uses live values. Neat!

We should post this in the parking threads @mhps made on Bitcointalk. Maybe he can edit the link into the OP…



www.parkyournubits.com or http://parkyournubits.com are now available (both also with SSL support if you want)

Sure. That was the biggest challenge here… :slight_smile:

Glad you people seem to like it!

That quote is important as well:

Parking is not really one of Nu’s features we should hope to have need for advertizing it.

Anyway, thank your for having created it!


It’s a good advertising chance, to my mind.

We use a delicate situation (network imbalance) for advertising purposes. Two fly a flap.

You should edit the thread title as well. 12% is from the past - it’s at least 18% APR at the moment :wink:

Hey I tried to post this on r/nubits subreddit but it never showed up. Does anyone know who the mod of that subreddit is? Am i shadowbanned or something?

I don’t see anything in the moderation queue, but you can find out if you’re shadowbanned here https://www.reddit.com/r/shadowban

Check out my profile:

I have a post to r/nubits 14 hours ago, but it doesnt show up on new or hot.

Help forums say maybe a spam filter?

yeah when I looked at your profile I could see it was caught in spam filter. I’m not sure why it didn’t show up in any moderation queue or notifications. I’ve approved it now.

Is this a good strategy? 12% APR is already very good. When I see super high ROI rate offered my thought is usually “They are desperate. Stay away.” To avoid this misunderstanding I put the “don’t last long” part. If I am to edit the title to show an even higher rate, there has to be a better pre-emptive sentence.

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It is exactly the impression I had when I read 18%. It simply does not sound sustainable. But maybe it is still the right thing to do, not sure. Maybe put some thought into that.

My thought is that money supply of NSR is ~800million. At $18/10k IPO price the market cap is $1.44m. Plus ~$75k T4 fund that is $2.2m$1.52m. There are 740k NBT in circulation. If the goal of parking operation is to get 30% of circulating NBT ($250k) parked, consertively Nu can offer 100% APR for 6 continuously 3 years before Nu’s asset equals the park principal. So in short terms 20%APR offered during BTC price surge is affordable for Nu. To explain this to someone paying 10 sec attention is difficult.


Right. The current rate will be shown by the client or http://parkyournubits.com/ anyway.

$1.44M + $0.075M = $1.515M
But based on the current NSR rate, the market cap indeed is above $2M

I fully agree.

ouch. will correct the math.

Calculating the market cap based on IPO price isn’t reliable. The result is correct nevertheless :wink:
The $75k is ~40 BTC T4 FLOT ($18k), ~60 BTC JordanLee ($27k), $30k NuSafe, right?

I have some info you might like:

Depending on how many NSR are minting with park rates from my data feed, there might be a permanent park rate above 0% even once there’s more demand.
I don’t know where to end with my data feed, but time will tell.

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Twitter bot https://twitter.com/parkyournubits

will tweet the highest current rate with duration every 24 hours from now :slight_smile: