[ANN] NuLagoon's Monday Accounting Coming

Based on the careful assessment on suggestions from NuLagooners, we are glad to announce several improvements on the operation of the NuLagoon pools.

  1. Increase the frequency of accounting to twice a week. Every Monday and every Thursday will be the accounting day. 8:00AM GMT will be the COB (close of business) time.

  2. Increase withdraw fee from zero to 1 NBT per NBT withdraw transaction or 0.004 BTC per BTC withdraw transaction. All the withdraw fee will be added to the total asset of the pools, and thus benefit remaining pool users.

  3. NuLagoon mange team will do their best to process withdraw orders in time. (in 1 - 3 hours after COB in More than 90% accounting days. in 1 - 2 days after COB in LESS than 10% accounting days)

  4. The adjustments listed above will be effective at next Monday(20 July 2015).



That’s very great and I bet this can attract new users. It might look like a small change to some, but the effect is quite big.
If somebody sends funds over the weekend (because they have time to) they get accounted on Monday. If they are requested for withdraw the next weekend, the money is at the beginning of the following week back.
With only one accounting day on Thursday everybody the funds would be gone for almost two weeks, but only accounted for one.

Can that info be found on nulagoon.com? Good to know for people who think about sending some BTC or NBT.