[ANN] New Trusted Server Software for NuDroid

Edit: I am no longer supporting NuBits on london.getvalidhashes.com


I have developed new software that runs a trusted server for the NuDroid Android app. Trusted servers are required by the app to validate blocks by downloading block hashes. This new software does not require the abe explorer, is open source, and is licensed under the MIT license. It should be easier to setup, more reliable and run faster.

I am running my own server to demonstrate it. You can use it by going to the app’s menu and then Settings -> Trusted Servers -> The add button (+ or Add New). Give the server a name and then insert this URL:


To make this server equal priority to the one above it, make sure to select the option. Then press “Set”. You can reorder the servers if you desire afterwards.

You may obtain the software here:

I am offering this free of charge and I plan to keep the server running as I’m also going to use it for my Peercoin app. If anyone would like to send me a tip, you can do so with this NuBits address: BEVbmgfwaYz4q2okbsEfxEE36irP5N6bFk



Will try it out this weekend on berta.coinerella.com and if successful, port it to anton.coinerella.com.


Unfortunately I am unable to support NuBits on london.getvalidhashes.com. The nu daemon uses too much memory. I would have to upgrade the server to support it without risking unresponsiveness. Please try willy’s https://anton.coinerella.com/q/getvalidhashes server instead which uses this new software.