[Ann] Manual Register Service for NuLagoon Tube Address Pair

Dear friends,

Considering that NuLagoon Tube’s register process is new and a little complicated to many users, we now offer manual register service for Tube address pairs.

Guide for Manual Register Service of NuLagoon Tube Address Pair:

  1. Visit nulagoon.com , forum topic and bitcointalk topic, read the introduction carefully, and know how it works.

  2. Tell us the NBT-BTC address pair you would like to register on the Tube by replying this topic or sending a private message to @henry.

  3. Wait for NuLagoon managers manually register them.

  4. Check “Live Addr Pair” on nulagoon.com before using it.

Important Note:

Because we can not verify the addresses in manual register request is belonged to the user who post them, so it is very important to NOT skip step 4: Check “Live Addr Pair” on nulagoon.com before using it.

Thank you
NuLagoon Manage Team


We will manually register FLOT’s address pair to NuLagoon Tube:

NBT: BqyRzFtWXDmjxrYpyJD42MLE5xc8FrB4js
BTC: 3QDWJ2yqJ5iTUg6cSpAwxx95ba3NG97hzG

If any member of FLOT team objects to the registration, please let us know.
Thank you.


The Flot’s Address Pair has been successfully registered. Please check it on nulagoon.com

There does not seem to be a lot of users of NuLagoon right now…

They had $1,000 volume yesterday on the tube. That’s impressive imo.

Well ok but more than 24h ago.
Anyway I think nulagoon is a nice service.
I just noticed that they reduced the necessary quantity of cryptos for registering.

Send 0.355 NBT and 0.00101 BTC

Will be able to give it a try now.

EDIT: I spoke too fast.
The min requirements are: 100 NBT or 0.2 BTC

It would be interesting if the tube adjusted the buy and sell price based on the imbalance of the liquidity. So it would lower the sell price if it had too many btc and raise the buy price if it had too many nbt. The economics might be a little complicated, just a thought.


The concept of linking address-pairs together and not requiring any sort of web site or client is very interesting. I wonder if some concept of it can be adapted into B&C.

Two thoughts:

  • if underneath these blockchains exist the same structure (i.e.: length) public and private key, why has there not been more ease-of-use around how to extract a private key from one crypto and load it into another? This would make a pair association very straightforward

  • The process to manually select transactions and craft an advanced transaction could be a barrier to enter for the less-informed (although it is thoroughly documented). Could the pairing be accomplished by way of a comment in a transaction? It may be easier to inform a new user to “go to console, type sendtoaddress” with a specifically-formatted text string that could be parsed out of the blockchain.

This is exactly the innovation we need to further grow the Nu / crypto ecosystem, and I am delighted that henry is part of this community and is investing time and technology. I hope that henry is successful in these endeavors.


OP_RETURN could be used for that. I doubt that makes things easier, albeit more flexible as you basically can have a “pairing” for each input as each deposit can carry a specific withdraw address in that field.