Allow Me to introduce Myself

Hello Everybody! I am Jerome. I’m new and thought I would take a moment to introduce Myself. I’m completely new to this coin. I discovered it a few days ago. It looked interesting so here I am. Please, educate Me on anything that I should know about this sites etiquette and the coin. I look forward to getting to know You and the coin.


We are a decentralized autonomous organization tasked with the lofty goal of keeping nubits pegged to the US dollar. We achieve this via a formal consensus process written onto the block chain with PoS. If you plan to be a minting and voting NuShare holder, welcome aboard and let us know if you need any help understanding your voting responsibilities. This only works because we’re all in it together for the greater good of Nu and global consensus.


Welcome @Jerome

You will find that we’re a friendly group that is very focused on enhancing the features on our network. If you take the time to go through past controversial discussions (such as our motion to open our source code) you will notice that there are always passionate people on both sides of issues, but that we pride ourselves on remaining polite. You will probably also notice that we favor arguments that are backed by evidence as opposed to emotion. If you choose to become a NuShareholder you will likely disagree at times with the democratic decisions shareholders make; those shareholders who are able to accept this will thrive in our consensus-driven community.

It can be a big learning curve to understand NuBits and NuShares in-depth, but we’ve compiled resources to help newcomers. We’ve accomplished a lot since releasing in Sept 2014. I would suggest reading the following resources at your leisure:

  1. FAQs:
  2. Price Stability:
  3. White Paper:
  4. NuShares Introduction:
  5. History of the Nu network (to about May 2015):
  6. Nu documentation:

Simply put, NuBits are stable digital currencies pegged to national currencies like the US dollar, and NuShares are equity in our network that can be speculated on like Bitcoin.


Welcome. So you followed the advice I gave you in Facebook (NuBits group). :smile:

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Welcome @Jerome :wink: If you just found out, you’ll be surprise to read up on how much we have achieved here !

Feel free to ask any question!

Welcome, hi from Chinese community.

you will have to do a lot of reading if you would like to actively participate in this
new digital economy introduced by NU :wink: