adds NuBits as a base trading pair for Litecoin. Other pairs (BTC, PPC, Doge) planned in the near future now joins in offering NBT as a base trading pair. Interestingly, NBT are listed as the sole “USD” market on the website, rather than “NBT”.

On one hand this is wonderful for reinforcing that NuBits are designed to be a stable digital currency at $1.00 US. We hope other exchanges eventually choose to offer base-NBT trading. On the other hand, we will publicly point out that NuBits are NOT legal currency, nor should they be viewed as having the same government backing as USD. “USD Value” markets is probably more accurate than “USD”. How individual exchanges choose to represent this is solely their decision of course.



Other than that… it’s fantastic news!

and we will need a ton of custodians :stuck_out_tongue: