Advertisement about BCExchange in the Crypto Currency Collectors Club on Facebook (4847 members)

By buying Hzchronos, an asset featured by Horizon, you can put a fixed advertisement on the top of that Facebook group I mentioned. Right now the rate would be around 80 dollars for a month (November) I guess. Depends on the price of Horizon as you need to purchase that coin and use it to buy HZChronos which also can increase in price of course.

Would that be something we would like to have?

I think BKS holders will be interested in advertizing BCE, but I doubt that’s the right time now.
On the other hand it’s never too early, even if BCE is months from being productive.
And $80 per month would be less than 20 BKS at current exchange rates.

Depending on the response in the thread I recommend trying to fund that by a custodial grant :wink:
…btw - are custodial grants supported yet at BCE?

We can pass custodial grants (I’d assume), but you have to think about what we would need to do to get the money. Basically the only place to sell BKS is on CCEDK, so we would get scalped hard for dumping. It would be better to either a) take from the funds already raised by the IPO or b) start a second round of public offering. Most likely, we would just use the money we already have.

I personally would be against spending money on advertising before we even have a working exchange.

BKS could be offered as payment

would be most convenient and require only a motion - maybe a more general motion to devote some funds to marketing.

would be overkill for $80 per month.

simple and good.

That’s what I meant with " I doubt that’s the right time now."

Paying for this advertisement with a custodial grant would have another advertizing effect: showing the ability of BCE to raise funds this way.
That was the main reason why I suggested a grant for $80 worth.
I doubt that this feature is widely known, but it’s one of the rather important features of this kind of DAC.

ok thanks for your input. I am fine with any route we take. Just wanted to mention that the November is still free for advertising in that group. I remember asking a few months ago and it was booked out. Wanted to do that during our fundraising phase. But I agree, I am not sure as well whether to do it now or once we have a working exchange. As soon as @JordanLee has a slight clue of when BCE might be operational, he could let us know and I’d reserve some time for advertising then.

We have plans to run a couple months of banner advertising on once exchange trading is operational. I agree with others that paying for advertising before B&C Exchange has trading enabled is not the best use of funds. If 4-5 BlockShareholders took the time to join the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club and make positive posts about B&C Exchange, we could create some organic brand awareness.

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