Add Apple touch icon to get Nu logo on iOS Home screen

When adding the forum to the iOS Home screen the default Discourse logo shows up.


  1. Be a Discourse administrator (or have sufficient privileges).
  2. Add the Nu logo in size 152x152 px to the asset thread (URL guessed, I don’t have access).
  3. Copy resulting picture URL.
  4. Enter URL in Settings → Required → apple touch icon url
  5. Confirm.
  6. Write here.
  7. Receive Like.


I don’t quite understand. Is this something we can all do, because I’ve always wanted a Nu logo on my iPhone that linked to the forum. As you said though, I get the discourse icon though.

Ahh, should have clarified. Thanks for asking! An administrator or if there’s other user classes with sufficient access will have to set it in the Discourse control panel.

@CoinGame or I should be able to take care of this, depending on who gets to it first.

@jooize I’ll let you know if I have any questions. Thanks for providing the details.

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Anyone have time to implement this? :slight_smile:

Can you try now?

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Works, thank you!

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Sorry it took so long.

The same picture is used in Safari on OS X. :ok_hand:

Only complaint I have is the white edges that appear.


I added an empty row of pixels at the top (making it 500x500 instead of 500x499). Made the entire first column −80% brightness and +30% contrast. Then all but the most dark in first column plus 1px down −20% brightness. I then adjusted that 1px back +5% brightness or something, lost track of some slight extra changes unfortunately. If someone cares that specifically. :smiley:

500x500 (34 KB)

Would be delighted if you replaced it with this one. :purple_heart:

Scaling it to 250x250 only saves 6 KB, and the issue resurfaces on the top when I scale it to 152x152. Can probably fix it if desired. The current one is 15 KB. Never mind, looking at the other data this is insignificant.


What about now?

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