Action: Remind Japanese researchers of NuBits

Hi everyone

Could you take 10 seconds to comment on this CoinDesk article? It describes what Nu is doing almost perfectly; they just don’t seem to be aware of us yet.

Although kudos to the handful of NuBits comments I already see there!

Japanese should continue and make what they make really good, anime and manga. and not killing Dolphins please! :slight_smile:

Are you refering to this? :smiley:

LOL :smiley:
it isn’t for laugh though

Did anyone tried to push our press pack to coin desk? Or tweet it to his journalists? We should do that every day, before we are old news. We can update the press pack with last months successes

Hey be nice. If they want to put out an academic paper that says we’re awesome then more power to them.


Well I read the paper and to me the researches are open to any solution that can fix the current financial system.
Furthermore I believe that NuBits has a lot of future in Japan (one of my goals is to develop the NuBits community here ).
Finally, it is only a very isolated group of people that kill dolphins as we can see in Norway so I do not think the generalization is valid. :smile:


you are right, there are some countries in Europe too! but generalization is always bad.
Don’t get me wrong, i love Japanese culture as anime and jpop lover :smile:
Wish you the best with Nubits community there :slight_smile:

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Thank you to the people who have commented, I see half a dozen NuBits comments on the article now.

Never underestimate how many people might read one little comment you make and decide to check out for the first time!