About who is controlling the network right now

As a shareholder of Nu, I am very worried to see that basically all proposals of Phoenix are enjoying at least 50 votes in the last blocks with almost no support from data feeds providers.


whereas this proposal which has the support from at least 3 data feeds providers is getting only 3 votes in the last 100 blocks.

It is worrying because it means that the network is basically controlled by Phoenix s proposals to say the least and possibly by him or her solely, someone that has no reputation per se, right now.

What are doing the apathetic voters right now?

Does it mean that most subscribers have stopped following a data feed right now?

Does it mean that Phoenix has a lot of shares dwarfing any other shareholder?

What can we do to counterbalance that centralizing force?

I personally stopped using a data feed for now. Out of all the motions/grants you linked, I’m only voting for the temporary cap for now.

It’s possible @Phoenix has taken advantage of the low NuShares price and has recently acquired more. I would suggest others to buy more NuShares in order to increase their voting power if they don’t want to see his motions pass.

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There is a possibility:

  1. Jordan get many BTC from B&C crowdfunding, then he bought lots of NBT without B&C investors permission. Nu’s buy wall became thick. Summer 2015

2)Jordan Lee asked for NSR buyback, after motion passed, he got hundreds of BTC in his hands by selling millions of NSR. Nu’s buywall became thin. He succesfully transfered B&C’s BTC into his hands. Sep. 2015

2)Himself dumped so many NBT and broke the buywall, and berated FLOT soundly for their “Incompetent”. Nu is in crisis., NBT and NSR price plumbed.
June 2016

3)He use another ID on forum to become a saviour, he can get many NSR by granted or directly buy on market at extreme low price, so that any his motion is easily passed. Then he use the BTC from NSR buyback to buy NBT from 0.2$ to 1.0$ to rebuild to peg. During this period, he can get tons of profit and credit in community.

  1. Finally, Sell NBT @1 $ and NSR at high price to harvest.

Hmmmmmm, this is only possibility, not confirmed at all. But Jordan should be smart as such, rather than stupidly providing stable NBT for free and get drained by freemarket.


I think something is broken with the “last 100” count in blockexplorer, since that motion has 3,000+ votes in the last 10,000 and really hasn’t changed too much

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In case phoenix controls the network while most of shareholders disagree with him or her, it is easy to see that he or she would have no body with whom to collaborate. So that should not be a good deal at the end of day, unless he or she is a group of people that can do development, liquidity provision, marketing, promotion etc…
In other words, in case Nu is centralized, it is better to fork and start from scratch another Nu network with a better nsr distribution, at least from my perspective.

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B&C, BKC is the next stable coin.:grinning:

If that’s the case then count me out. I’m not investing anymore money into a clone of Nu. I’d rather do what Sabreiib says above or just go back full-time to Peercoin.

I encourage shareholders to exactly do that, too –
I suppose that you have purchased a lot of new shares recently?

No need to invest more.
Just get a dividend as we did when we created b&c .

Actually I’ve put a lot of money back into Peercoin to purchase back the original amount I owned before I got into Nu. I still own all my NuShares though. Maybe when I get paid next I’ll buy some more.

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I would be interested in forks – after all, we got to evolve and improve ourselves and reject the negative

B&C is already a Nu fork, plus extra decent revenue source, why bother to clone a 3rd one? :slight_smile:

All the LPs(FLOT) and LP software /tools can be used to BKC, immediately. We can also try spread peg and anti-inflation in it. 15 reputed signers are natually LP.

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