About the NSR bugs on AllCoin.com Mark@AllCoin

About the bugs:

I’m Mark@AllCoin, we did make some mistakes. On this bug, we lost some coins in our hot wallet 150,000 ~ 250,000 NSR(about 3~5 BTCs). Because we locked some strange account, we need some time to calculate the balance. We can afford the lose and customers won’t lose any coins.

Only NSR market has the problem, I’ll tell you something about the bug. Because we only added NSR for about 1 month, so there’s not big lose. Please notify other exchange about the bug.

  1. this is the official document. http://docs.nubits.com/v1.0/docs/integrating-nubits-or-nushares-with-an-exchange . These’s a special argument: avatar=0

  2. we added NBT before NSR, because NBT wallet run very well, so we forgot to add avatar=0 to our NSR config file.

  3. But the NSR wallet put change to the input address, which means if A has 10 NSR, then I send B 1NSR, then the change address is A, so we’ll find that A have another 9 NSR deposit.

  4. But NBT is not the same as NSR, NBT withdraw system is the same as the BTC wallet.

  5. After we checked all our NSR account, we’ll re-open the NBT NSR deposit and withdraw.

Thank you.

My account has been locked. But as far I know my account is fresh. I don’t have any NSR in my account. But I have btc. It’s not my fault if you got any bug.

I have submitted support ticket and they are requesting me to send them 18,007 NSR back. lol

Would you please unlock my account?


Yes, you don’t have NSR in your account, you got NSR by accident and sold it to BTC.

It’s not your fault, but we have to lock your account and ask you to return NSR to our exchange.


I never calculated my deposit amount and withdraw amount. I have made lot of trades on your site. It is impossible for me to find out my all trades amount.

I’m very small investor on crypto currencies.

If you want back your NSR it will effect on my trade business.

Please unlock my account.


@nubitsbd @mark_allcoin would you mind handling this via PM?

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It is related to Nushare. We have right to discuss it on this forum with topic.

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I had 40,000 NSR disapear from my account Allcoin is responding nice quickly and I’m satisfied. If I was ever given wrong amounts I would give it back nubitsbd.


I have checked my wallet transaction list and my NSR account related
with my allcoin.com account. Everything is ok. I didn’t received any
extra amount of NSR to my allcoin.com account.

You should unlock my account or I’ll post negative post everywhere about this scam.


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The lack of courage to talk about topics like this is why CCEDK is getting away with running an insolvent exchange.

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Don’t let ronny hear that, the last time I used that horrible word, I was attacked by him personally.

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exchanges that have had security problems before will probably have them in the future too. the last bter hack was already the second time they got hacked. it clearly shows that it’s not bad luck, it’s bad management / unprofessional developers. has btc-e ever had a security issue? it seems to be the only trustworthy exchange when it comes to hacking but then again its in russian language and therefore automatically shady :smiley: hell, even bitstamp is tainted now as 18 000 bitcoins were stolen from bitstamp lately :smiley: crazy


ok thanks for the link… so basically all the exchanges that have been around for a while have been hacked

Yes seems to be like banks, your around awhile long enough your robbed/hacked at some point. So be smart keep your coins only that you need for trading on an exchange then straight to your wallet.

Perhaps there should be some regulation that would make it illegal to hold customers’ cryptocurrencies on their account for longer than 24 hours?

You mean in the hot wallet or what is supposed to happen with customer funds after 24 h?

customer funds should be automatically sent to the customer’s predefined address. maybe 24h is too short time, so let’s say 72 is enough and the customer should receive warnings before the funds are forcefully sent back to their wallet.

My account is still locked. Are they scam?

I highly doubt they are going to unlock your account if they are claiming you stole money.

Hi, Nubitsbd

If you hold onto the BTC/NSR, another crypto-user will lose out. Do the right thing and return the coins to Allcoin