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We should define how to use this category.

I would like to start this conversation on how to use this section to discuss and keep track of all proposals :

Imho, we should first post proposals to the sub-category Nu Protocol Enhancement Discussion and discuss possible improvements.
Once a proposal finds a person responsible for it and we accept it, we should create an official NIP (Nunet Improvement Proposal) following Bitcoin’s BIP model and post it in the sub-category : NIP.

What do you think about this?

okay I see it somewhat similar to you, here’s my vision of the process.

I agree all ideas should/could spawn organically in the NPED category, which is where it should initially be hashed out and scrutinized. From there it can be cross-posted and discussed on other social media platforms as well (reddit/twitter/wherever). At this point someone should be documenting a formal proposal. We should set some guidelines for what that proposal contains. Once an official organized proposal is put together it can be posted to NIP. From NIP it can go to a motion vote. If the motion vote passes then it’s up to the Dev Team to add it into the road map.

Hei @Ben , did you deleted your answer? I did received an answer via email and now I don’t see it here!

EDIT: nevermind, I found it : http://discuss.nubits.com/t/about-the-nip-nunet-improvement-proposals-category/100/2?u=advanced