About discuss.nubits.com: the only potential single point of failure of Nu?

With discuss.nubits.com going down yesterday for 2 hours or so, I am wondering if its forum is not the only potential single point of failure of Nu currently.

In case a hacker manages to take it down, Nu could be put in a seriously difficult situation since shareholders would be prevented from discussing motions, custodial votes and other important decisions under normal conditions.

So I would like to raise the following questions:

  • Does someone take backups of the whole data (discuss.nubits.com) on a regular basis?
  • Should we enforce a rule that says that such backups should be saved at different locations, managed by different people?
  • What are the media alternatives that can be used to discuss shareholders’ decisions in an emergency situation?

i would propose to have an alternative or even parallel discussion area into slack :wink:


yes, we certainly need another discussion entity. reddit,tweeter,fb not so nice for almost real time discussion.

I agree that reddit, twitter and facebook can’t replace this forum in any way.

Maybe PeerApps will do some wonder!

Meanwhile https://gitter.im/NuNetwork/Nu can be used as chat platform and gists on github can fill the gap for motions and grants.
If https://gitter.im/NuNetwork/Nu gets congested by chatting about different things, additional chat rooms can be created per topic.
The benefit of gitter.im is that there is some control over the participants.

Another fallback is using the Nu board on Peercointalk https://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?board=69.0 for discussion.

Soon there might be a Blocks & Chains Exchange related forum - maybe on a different server?
Having another forum on a different server would make the cooperation with Nu more difficult, though…

The thing is: how do you tell people where to go, if the place where you could tell them is not available?

"The thing is: how do you tell people where to go, if the place where you could tell them is not available?"
easy, via tweeter,fb,reddit :wink:
i see gitter is like slack?

Forum backups are taken weekly. They’re automatically pushed to an S3 AWS bucket which already has cross site redundancy I believe.

Edit: Ben updated the settings since I made this post, check his post below.


As quickly as things can change around here, I wonder if we should maybe up that to backups every other day.


We should also take an eye on Maidsafe, sooner than later they’ll deploy some infrastructure

much much later :slight_smile:

We could. The question just comes down to what are the extra costs (if any) and who’s willing to pay them. I think @Ben would know more about moving in that direction. If there’s no extra costs it just means changing an integer value in the forum settings.

Offsite backups are run daily. We also take a separate backup of the instance that everything runs on at a separate time each day. They could be run more frequently, if need be, but there’s overhead to consider (the site goes into admin lock each time to prevent content from being missed).

Streaming replication is another option but it requires additional resources.