A new Nubits exchange has emerged

From today Openledger is listed as exchange on CMC an will be listed on various other charts and site in coming weeks.** On this platform remember always to do backup on external hard disc.**

And I suggest you have a good look at below videos on use case as well as tutorial prior to signing up, it will help a great dela in making the first expereince so much better!

I think it could be interesting for you to have an easy access to trade in an out of Ethereum with NuBits, nothing anybody else does, adn also BKS is now available in automode, instead of the present manual handling on CCEDK.

I have created following pairs on Openledger, which means they are active right now, but with little liquidity since only created:

BKS/BTC https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/OPEN.BKS_OPEN.BTC
NBT/BTC https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/OPEN.NBT_OPEN.BTC
ETH/BTC https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/OPEN.ETH_OPEN.BTC
ETH/NBT https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/market/OPEN.ETH_OPEN.NBT

Welcome bonus 10 OBITS signing up with below link

All accounts created from today february 10th untill Fberuary 20th on the base of following link:

https://openledger.info/?r=nushares to access webwallet **via landing page **


following link: https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=nushares to acess directly to webwallet

are given a welcome bonus of 10 OBITS.

If you dont know OBITS more info on site: www.obits.io

You can create any trading pairs you wish by chnaging for instance OPEN:BTC to OPEN.DOGE and market will be active the minute you start building a sell or buy wall.

Dont let you be fooled of the OPEN.XXX an think this is just plain asset, it is the same way any other exchange is handling the incoming and outgoing crypto, meaning it is placed in cold and hot wallets, the only and perhaps very interesting detail is that on Openledger you are able to follow what amounts are deposited an withdrawn all the time, either by looking directly at the hot wallet called openledger-wallet or by checking oit the activities via the designated explodr called cryptofresh. I give you here the direct link to the wallet https://bitshares.openledger.info/?r=openledger#/account/openledger-wallet/overview , but much more to find here:


It means that right now Openledger as exchange is showing you constant update on what is abvailable in total supply, and you are able to deposit via generated adresses or withdraw directly to the address of your choice all in automode. Just like any other centralized exchange and coming up within next month or maximum two any cold wallets as well as hot for that matter will be handled on the based of a sort of multisignature account, and it could be possible to discuss for instance certain memners of this community to be involved in this part come bigger cold wallet amounts etc like your tier 4 an 3 amounts for instance if I remember correctly.

Dont know about OpenLedger yet?

Have a look at these great videos already made for you to know it better:

OpenLedger - Smart Trading Decentralized

This for you information. I thought it might interest you, so I hope it does.

PS: I would love to have you guys together with blockshares o an article in Forbes similar to the one we did this week with Emercoin, but it needs you feedback an co operation in making this happen, an I feel it coul be a win win situation for both parties.


Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing


Alright, I ended up here with some google searching:



I’m trying to figure out:

Is there an API for OpenLedger?
How does it work? Is there a man page somewhere?


I guess is the same you have right

If thats not enough fell free to join the bitshares group on telegram or on bitsharestalk to ask or I will ask for you

In the end we need to make a file like this:

Usually, the way that works is there’s a server that we query. Why doesn’t bitshares.openledger.info host an instance of that script that we can refer to? Obviously it would be more secure if we just looked at the blockchain ourselves, but meh, maybe if we catch some NBT volume we can invest more resources into it.


will forward this info to someone able to reply