4th biggest trade volume

But what is even more interesting is the ratio between market cap and volume.


What does it mean?

NuBits is clearly used (relatively) for being exchanged and not hoarded.
It is much more liquid…relatively compared to the other cryptos…
Liquid…as a river current…It is become the first real crypto currency.


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So could we contact CMC and ask them to add a Trade Volume Ratio Field ?

@Raythma Please do. We have now a 22% ratio.

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lets educate them

also i found another one:

Just posted on the 2nd link and referred them to ccedk.com and NuBits. There is limited liquidity on some exotic fiat currencies, but it is certainly worth a try.

We need more liquidity on NBT/USD’s buy side on ccedk in order to get people use Nubit as a currency.
That is why I have propose the following proposal: [Passed] LPC grant request for supporting NBT/USD on CCEDK

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35% velocity now.

44% Velocity and the 3rd biggest trade volume


At the end of this post it is pointed out that marketcap is only part of the coin economy story. Money velocity also contribute to how much money there is.

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