4 million NSR for new LPCs

The next four new liquidity provider custodians to be approved by shareholders to provide 20,000 NBT or more in liquidity for 30 days will receive 1 million bonus NSR each. Additional compensation may be provided by shareholders, particularly if more than 20,000 NBT of liquidity is provided.

KTm, Jamie, Chronos, xjabc and teek are not eligible for this NSR bonus.


Jordan has been prompt in paying out the bonus NSR on his prior bounty. You will not have to wait to be screened by Jordan in order to receive this bounty, because your eligibility is approved by shareholders via the custodial grant voting mechanism.

Do we have a tutotial on how to be qualified as custodians? Applicants need to post their proposal on this forum? What if some NSR holders miss their post?

@JordanLee How can 4 new custodians operate on existing crypto pairs? Was the issue with NuBot wall collisions fixed, or will currency pairs have to be USD, or will new exchanges need to be added?

Also, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this post:

there are enough pairs and markets for four additional custodians . Allcoin, bitspark, ccex all have NBT pairs.

Moreover we are testing now last changes to NuBot to avoid collisions.

Sounds like a good deal to me, I’ll review the NuBot requierments…

Is it possible to provide smaller chunks of NBTs, such as 5000 or 10000? I have 8000 NBT that I would like to use for the benefit of Nu.
If smaller chunks are possible, I would like to make a LPC proposal.

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I second this. I want to make an LPC proposal for dual side liquidity at a smaller exchange. I do not think it is necessary to have 20,000 NBT at an exchange with small volume.

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Have those 4 LPCs been found?

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