2014-09-26 - BitShares Developer Hangout with Larimer on NuBits

Start from 9:13
Oldie but still does not hurt.

9:13 The other big event of the week is nubits.
12:14 Do you think there is a risk to Peercoin by Nubits?
12:52 Lets highlight the difference in approaches between nubits vs the collateralization approach.
15:08 Dan points out how in fairness, Bitshares X has been called a ponzi scheme.
16:45 People were claiming nubits could fund development of peercoin and family, thoughts?
21:03 How explaining things in the company metaphor helps in aiding the explanation of Bitshares X relative to other products.
23:40 Does Nubits hyper inflation affect Nushare price?
25:20 Joking talk about a BitNuBit and being able to short it.

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