161 million NSR burned by Liquidity Operations

After a burn of 161,606,051.8183 NSR, Liquidity Operations now only hold 200,000,000 NSR at SaaP8P3TH8HU27MBkhH6j8EhQ9AvAEY27J.

Burn transaction was included in block 1655166 as 48ab1c5e50af6706d224cf4e8a7be8fd21461f48191f213d64e63d898c1741dc.

All shareholder NSR are withdrawn from Alcurex. At Novaexchange there’s 4,993,813 NSR.

Liquidity Operations keeps NuShares to enable deep backing of NuBit pegs and to initiate NSR/BTC trading pairs with liquidity until a market establishes.

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