10324 NuBits have been parked

I would like to inform the shareholders that 10324 NuBits have been parked since yesterday.

I’m able to see this because I’m using a test client that shows the total number of currently parked NuBits. In the next release everyone will have access to this information.

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Based on the amount of NuBits parked I’ve reduced the long term parking to 0 to reduce high inflation pressure later on, even though that might result in higher dividends in the short term.
I only kept voting for the short term (<1 month) lower interest rates (<2%) to maintain liquidity of NBT and with aim to have a higher ability to balance demand and supply in this early stage of the network.

Just my views.

I see you guys are voting to lower the interest rates. Is there way we can put the amount of parked NuBits into a clearer perspective? How long are a majority of these NBT being parked for? What level of demand for NBT would you call it so far? Low, healthy, extremely high, exceeding expectations?