10324 NuBits have been parked so far

You can’t check it yourself right now from the client. I’m using a test build with some features that will be in the next release. So far over 10K NuBits have been parked!

Hopefully for the parkers there will be some places to spend their NuBits by the time they become unparked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It’s now 22,421 NuBits woaaaaah

Any benefit without interest to park Nubits?

You cannot park NuBits for a zero premium. So it’s impossible at the moment.

So, how I’ll get premium?

Maybe I misunderstood your first question. let me try to clarify.

You must park your coins for a duration that has an interest rate set. You can see the interest rates and the duration in the park menu. Right now there are several duration’s which have a set interest rate, so you can park for those duration’s to earn a premium. If you park outside of those duration’s you cannot earn a premium, and so you cannot park.

  1. You have to download the wallet from our website.
  2. Then you have to buy NuBits from one of the currently supported exchanges
  3. Then you have to send the NuBits to your wallet, and you can park them using the parking button. Here is a tutorial on how to send and receive coins.
  4. Then when you have NuBits in your wallet you can park them if an interest rate is available. Note that you cannot un-park your coins until the duration you select ends. Here is a tutorial on how to park NuBits

I hope that clears up the process a little bit.

I already spend lot of times to learn this project already downloaded wallet and know how to buy nubits, transfer to my account. Your answer clear me how to get premium also.

If I park 500 Nubits for 1 month I will get few premium. New please clear me If I unpark my Nubits and exchage again to PPC,

my premium will be available on my account?
and what is the benefit to get more premium?

Premium just means how many more NuBits you will get after parking. NuBits will always be 1$. The price of Peercoin may change by the time your NuBits are un-parked. You cannot un-park NuBits yourself - it happens automatically.

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Thanks for your support.

One more question.

Is it possible to be a shareholder? What I need to be a shareholder?

Note that it is unparked automatically by your wallet. So you must open it after the delay has passed and it will unpark your NBT and add the premium to your balance.

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Visit the post below about Undistributed NuShares on how to become a shareholder.

What he said ^

That means you actually have to broadcast a message to unpark some parked nubits? If so, why is it necessary?

So technically it is like this?

  • the “parking” creates an output transaction to the Nirvana of the block chain (or should I call it Nurvana?)
  • the premuim is calculated and generated by the protocol
  • when the parking ends, an input transaction (parked NBT +premium) to the “unparking address” is created by protocol (reminds me of the PoS minting and its reward at Peercoin)
  • the wallet inspects the block chain for the balance of that “unparking address”

What are the parked nubits at now?

30,722.7328 NBT

Pretty decent amount. Can’t find out the duration’s they were parked for yet unfortunately.

If you ask for the parking interest rate (and have nor Nu wallet at hand):

duration interest rate
11.4 days 0.250%
22.8 days 0.500%
1.5 months 0.750%
3.0 months 1.000%
6.1 months 1.500%
1.0 years 2.000%