Zaif, the latest Japanese exchange is interested in adopting NuBits potentially

The beauty of the Nu Network is the ability to manage Nubits. I often tout the network as a decentralized central bank because shareholders decide the fate of Nubits. All nations have their central banks managing their currencies with explicit purpose of maintaining stability because an unstable national currency hurts importers and exporters which is also vital to a country’s growth.

Bitcoin on the other hand is fully exposed to the whims of the market, making it much less desirable as a currency. A friend bought $1,000 worth Bitcoin at Coinbase, he already lost $20 during the waiting period.

Imagine BTC is already mainstream. I wanted to buy $1M worth of iron payable in Bitcoin (3,448.27BTC at $290). An hour later, BTC loses $1 in value, I already lost $3,448 in transit. Who would want to assume the risk? The buyer or seller? As a seller, I would rather receive $1,000,000 USD, not 1 cent less or more.

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I could not agree more.

+1 :smiley: nu has a potential to become the next world reserve currency

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It seems currently you have no exchanges to cash out Nubits as USD. Any plan to have one soon?

CCEDK offers this. I’m not sure I would recommend that in the moment, but it’s possible on their exchange.

We are aware of at least one potential exchange that is planning on offering USD markets in the future, but we don’t have a definitive timeline yet.

Very well put

Any news on exchanges for USD withdrawals?

Currently, you can sell NBT for Euro on CCEDK. @Cybnate is drafting a proposal for liquidbits which will support CCEDK nbt/fiat pairs in a decentralized manner. @woolly_sammoth is waiting for his motion to pass for Bittylicious where you can buy and sell nbt for $1. We are also voting on forking to create our own decentralized exchange called Blocks and Chains where nbt will be the featured trading currency and payment processors and gateways can be invoked directly.

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I see. Then I’d like to move forward with NBT/JPY and BTC/NBT pairs on my exchange if possible.


@Tomjoad @Ben @CoinGame @pennybreaker

@Nagalim The other three you mentioned will be much more help for the technical details. I will be sure to list Zaif on as soon as NBT trading is enabled, and advertise on our social media.

@Takao is our documentation on exchange support. Hopefully you find it helpful as a starting point, and @Ben @CoinGame or @Pennybreaker can provide additional assistance.

Hi @takao I am glad to learn you want to move forward. if you plan in opening up those pair and have an effective peg with decent liquidity, some effort must be put in finding liquidity provider and giving us the time to test our automated market making mechanism on your exchange.

We are help to support!
EDIT: we would really appreciate the API documentation translated to english

So someone would have to create a trustless liquidity pool for NBT/JPY.
I would be willing to contribute to that pair since I am located in Japan and it s easy for me to deposit JPY.
As for the pool manager, he or she would not need necessarily to be located in Japan.
That is the beauty of the TLLP.
If the pool is not trustless (a la nulagoon) then the pool manager is much more likely to be located in Japan…

Here’s English ver. of our API doc.

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Any progress on NBT liquidity providing on Zaif?

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Believe it or not, we have been looking at doing that for a while. I am still wondering how many places you can cash out Nubits as USD??


CCEDK, Cryptsy, SouthXchange

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Also, cash out on Bter for CNY, CCEDK for EUR

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Over ShapeShift you can get USD anywhere BTC is accepted, ATMs, merchants…