[Withdrawn] Think big, act small and establish revenue stream

@Phoenix, a good leader should not say in this way, stop fighting please.

whatever you’re doing JL, the last thing you’d want is to scare away potential bag holders and cheap labour.

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JL is, for being the architect sleeping at the helm when large spread was experimented and resistance and hesitance against selling nsr was building. Now he is scared enough to have changed ID. Cybnate and the community just try to institute a revenue mechanism and deponzi what JL had started.


I think you are giving me far too much credit. For the last time there was no plot or cunning plan at least not from my side. You are seeing things which aren’t there. I just acted within existing motions to keep things afloat. I had no say about selling shares, funding walls etc. as I was not part of FLOT. Just had my bots to keep the walls up according to motions which shareholders passed.

This is just a plan to turn things around. You are doing exactly the same by buying back NBT for around $0.80. It is the only way to return from a default. I would have done it by protocol, you are trying it solely on the Poloniex exchange. Both ways it is agreeing with NBT holders in the market to pay the best price next to $1 you can offer given the circumstances. After buying back most of the NBT and having built reserves the confidence to establish a $1 peg can be established. I’m just not convinced you can do that solely with the remaining NSR value as you are now trying.

Thanks both. @phoenix clearly doesn’t understand how to motivate bagholders, communities and volunteers to follow. Phoenix, you will need this going forward. People like to be part of a community. You should have built on that and monetize that instead you are alienating most volunteers and bagholders with your behaviour. That way it will be hard to find buyers for NSR. It is psychology for dummies, get yourself a good advisor.

Believe it or not I even bought additional shares in the first auction in the hope your emotions would settle and intelligence would prevail. I’m sure many others were in the same position. But you keep on going so my doubts have been higher than ever before, but I persist as I belief that people are able to see the light eventually and set aside emotions troubling them. This forum is just not a great medium for it.

Please allow me another attempt. Search for “leadership” and just do yourself a favour and read some of it and educate yourself. Even more important is followship.

Without followers there is no leader.

Here is an interesting link to start reading about it: http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/interviews/leadership-Stephen-Reicher-Michael-Platow-S-Alexander-Haslam/4744.aspx. There is much more on this topic though. Google and DuckDuckGo are your friends.


@Phoenix, you failed.
You were immune to advice.
You have only been following your own agenda ever since you entered the scene.
You aren’t interested in the well-being of Nu.

This is the current situation of the Nu network today.

  • still no accounting of the beginning of Nu. Please spare us telling you have no information about that. It’s quite clear that you are @JordanLee hiding behind a sock puppet.
  • no business plan besides selling NSR to retrieve BTC to buy back NBT.
  • accounting of the NSR sales / NBT buys as single entries in a thread, no overall balance. How many NSR were sold, how many BTC retrieved and more importantly: how many NBT removed from market?
  • no revenue scheme in sight.
  • forum activity shut down to a minimum.
  • reputed community members being insulted by you.

You can counter with boasting how much you improved the NBT rate.
But this is only a complete farce.
Current total buy volume at Poloniex for NBT is less than 5 BTC while close to 50,000 NBT are for sale.
Close to 600,000 NBT are still in circulation.
The ongoing NSR sale plummeted the rate to 50 Satoshis in case you want to sell 8 million NSR for 4 BTC immediately.
If you want to retrieve 16 BTC you need to sell 83 million NSR.
That’s the current order book situation at Poloniex and it won’t get better by pumping the NBT rate with the NSR sale.
Wanna know why?
Because there’s no revenue in sight!
You failed so hard.
Instead of ralizing it, you accuse those who have a vision trying to rob NBT holders.
At the same time you let NBT be bought for significantly less than $1.
You are a bigot, two-faced person.
You try to run a ponzi scheme, but not very successfully so.

Where’s the comments, the proposals, the help from all the new NSR holders?
Who are they?
Where are they?
Do you, @Phoenix/@JordanLee, still buy the majority of all the NSR that are being dumped on the market and try to pull of an impressive pump and dump with this ponzi scheme later?
How many BTC do you have left from the NSR buybacks to continue that ‘business’ of yours?

It’s a pity to see what Nu has turned into.
It had plenty of chances.
I’m afraid it missed too many already.
This is no business. It can’t succeed this way. Without revenue there’s no future.
It was a great experiment and it ended as an impressive failure (or worse).

I don’t have anything more to contribute.
My advice is not wanted.

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This proposal has been withdrawn.

It’s a pity to see that this proposal didn’t stand a chance against stubbornness.