When will the next dividend?

I don’t know if “prefer” is the right way to express my opinion … buy backs are great! I just think there should be some kind of indication of when dividends might happen again if we expect anyone to make serious investment plans. I never purchase dividend stocks that don’t consistently issue dividends on a verifiable schedule.


Dividend has not been and should not be phased out. It is used to valuate share price to many people.

To be clear, from everything I’ve read and from the discussions that I’ve had with others in the community, the complete removal of the dividends function from Nu has never been proposed, publicly or privately. In case there is confusion about it, however, I’d like to offer my take on Nu dividends.

I’m just one voice out of many, but I feel that it is important for the Nu shareholders to hear from people who have worked on the product.


Retaining the ability to issue dividends is critical. The Nu shareholders should consider themselves part of a rationale, profit-seeking enterprise.

[on soapbox]

I will not support any movement by shareholders that attempts to remove the dividends functionality from the Nu protocol. The ability to issue dividends to shareholders is a fundamental component of the system that we’ve built. Dividends, along with NBT/NSR burning, NSR buy-backs, and NBT parking[1], are valuable tools that the Nu network can utilize to grow and adjust to the ever-changing environment(s) in which it operates.

Additionally, I want to stress that I, personally, cannot in good conscience support paying dividends at the expense of NuBit users. It’s uncomfortable to be sure (especially in these early days), but if we ever want to see wide-spread adoption of NBT (or another Nu network currency unit) as a transactional token, users must be able to have confidence that they can trade in and out of them at ~$1.00/NBT without friction[2].

Nu needs to be run by the shareholders like it is a rationale enterprise. It’s not rationale for a business to offer dividends when there is no profit to distribute; therefore it follows that dividends should not be scheduled if those dividends aren’t coming out of the network’s profit.

Nu is expected to be grow over time so early profit-taking at the expense of the network’s long-term health is to me, very short-sighted. Nu shareholders need to be able to justify their investment, to be sure, and being able to predictably offer dividends is a very public way of declaring the network’s health, but please always remember where those dividends come from. I implore each and every NSR holder today to work with us develop new network strategies to devise ways that the network can generate profits. Here’s your chance to help contribute to the emergence of a different type of finanical system – one that combines the best of the current one with innovations and inventions that are uniquely possible with blockchain technology.

Long-term I’d like to see discussions about expanding the types of dividends that can be offered by the network. We’ve seen evidence already that the Nu network exhibits emergent behaviors. Being able to provide shareholders multiple avenues for investment income should exist, depending on the source of the profits–be it in a crypto token, a NSR “split” or redistribution of network acquired shares, or at some point in the future, a way of moving fiat across the network directly.

[off soapbox]

[1] If NBT parking has value could NSR “parking” have additional benefits to the network’s ability to operate, too? Off the top of my head I can only think of a very narrow set of circumstances where it would be useful, but I don’t see that as being a reason why it should not be considered.

[2] I should also point out that I am a believer in the Nu white paper’s statement that this peg is held at $1.00/NBT – as a measure of USD. That NuBot had to adapt to support NBT/crypto pairings may have been a necessity at the time, but going forward I believe it’s in the shareholder’s best interests to identify ways to build gateways to bring fiat directly into the system and let organic arbitrage markets develop that can cover the conversion of cryptoX into NBT.


I agree with Ben on all the points he raised. I’ve never felt comfortable with the dividends coming from selling NuBits and don’t consider them profit. It’s just bad for the long-term health of the network and to continue doing this would be very short-sighted as Ben said.

I still think that loaning will become a huge part of the Nu network in the future. I’m just not sure how something like this would be setup. One idea that always comes to mind is that there would be Nu loan custodians that operate their own businesses whether online or more traditional brick and mortar “NuBanks”. Another example would be (higher risk but higher profit) venture capitalist custodians that are continuously able to judge what has real value from what doesn’t.

We would have partnerships with people and businesses like this all around the world and work closely with them. Somehow shareholders would be able to profit from this extended network of people and businesses. I’m not sure exactly how. That is something that needs to be explored, but I imagine shareholders would be providing some sort of services for them and collecting a certain amount of profit which can then be used for dividends. This is what I mean when I talk about REAL business, profit that has been made outside of the network through providing services and working with business partners toward their goals. I hope you get the picture.


We are looking for a way to earn money with Nushare? Why do not we make a conservative foreign exchange market? We buy and sell different currencies. The courses adapt automatically.
If someone makes a journey, he can change money at no time and goes to the ATM and gets it out.
If someone lives in a country with a lot of inflation, he changes his money against Nubits. and so on.
So you can make money. Nushare is then the share capital.
Nushare would have a clear value, a legally verifiable income. and may also pay dividends.
We need a banking license. Reserves, collateral, etc.
No purchase house works well if it does not offer its own products.
Let us be a bank that offers stable currency systems. … Like Nu

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Funds from the creation of new nubits should be used up by providing liquidity. Funds from other profitable operations should be distributed as dividends.

We should just copy big banks and profit from the same kind of things. For example, let’s finance both sides of conflicts :stuck_out_tongue:

We could also offer transaction reversal or cold address guarding as paid services.The latter would require some additional development but exchanges may be interested in it. Cold address guarding would mean that if anyone spends the outputs from a transaction to a cold address then there would be an additional delay of perhaps 48 hours before the funds could be used again. This would give time for the exchange operators to react, freeze the transaction and eventually reverse it.

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Reversecoin can do this without needing a third party. The trade-off is needing to secure an offline key. Ideally I think having both options is best.

Wise words -

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