[Voting] Fund liquidity provider profitability experiment

how about run other pybot and NU pay a monthly rate ?

How about a larger spread like 1% instead of 0.6% to reduce the compensation?

We need decentralized liquidity just right now. Voting.

We don’t need a super tight spread at Poloniex right now.
We need reliable liquidity provision at a tighter spread than the gateways offer, but not super tight!

If BTC is about to drop, there’s plenty of NBT at NuLagoon Tube and the Poloniex gateways.

@muchogusto, does your operation still have BTC left?
If yes, I suppose you use Bittrex as price feed, configure a buyside offset of 2.5 to 4%, a tight sellside offset and make money from trading before the gateways’ orders are reached.

Keep an eye on the market.
If BTC starts to surge, you better be on 4% or even pause the operation until the BTC price has settled.
As long as it’s more or less stable, 2.5 should do.
Don’t make the order sizes very big!

This way Nu has more continuous liquidity than with a super tight spread.
A wider an asymmetric spread is what we need at the moment!

$1,000 per order with an offset of 0.04, buysidemax. of $3,000, booktype lin, steepness low, step 0.01 and
$2,000 per order with an offset of 0.005, sellsidemax of $6,000, booktype lin, steepness low, step 0.001
were settings I’d test.
Be sure to use Bittrex as main data feed, otherwise you might get troubke buying/selling into gateway orders, if the prices from the feeds differ!

If you want, I can provide you with a proper config snippet later.
You are aware that you do that on your own risk, if you decide to try, right? :wink:


I only have 0.0012 BTC, which is below the order minimum.