[Voting] Enable Dynamic Transaction Fee in NBT

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Begin Motion
Nu needs a source of revenue to continue liquidity operations. One step can be accomplished by implementing a dynamic transaction fee based upon coin age.

We set the fee to reduce NBT by X% every year. Where X% is a variable to be determined and voted on by shareholders in a manner similar to voting on park rates.

This would generate a yearly revenue stream for Nu which would be less than X%, but greater than 0 because the overall number of coins in circulation would decrease.

Coins on an exchange would not face this problem. But as soon as they are withdrawn and transferred the end used would be hit with the fee.

A revenue stream that Nu is currently lacking.

This would be inflationary - NBT holders would see decreasing value in their investment
This would require a hard fork

End Motion

This idea is quickly outlined by Creon and re-quoted by Mark here:

Find the Motion text here:


You need to copy the relevant text in the quoted post in the motion. you can’t just hash the url. what if the url page contents are changed? and exactly which part of the page you want shareholder to approve?

Sorry - too hasty yesterday for some reason…

Any ideas on the cost and delivery time of this? Also the risk of a fork is not imaginary while implementing this.
Just outllning this has also a few dark sides. I’m on the fence.

Could you elaborate a bit more on this?