Undistributed NuShares

As an aside, one possible future state that Nu might arrive at is one that mirrors the current political system. Different economic think tanks will publish their own data feeds that adhere to a core ideology and campaign to have NuShareholders “vote” for them by selecting an official think tank data feed. They might even go so far as to begin offering their own LPCs and development proposals too. Should this future state occur, voting could be paralyzed if a variety of strong think tanks existed that refused to vote for other think tank proposals.

It’s an interesting thought experiment. In the origins of democracy, every citizen had a seat at the table until the the size of the represented population grew too large to make this process efficient. Political parties were then established to represent the interests of like-minded citizens. I expect Nu to evolve to that point one day.

Just a side thought that is an extension of one of Nu’s core benefits - complete shareholder control of the network (including publishing independent data feeds).


Is the release of the data feed beta going to coincide with the NuBits video?

The two are unrelated. The video is complete and is being prepared for presentation on the front page of www.nubits.com. Expect some good news this week.

I see. Well still, with the feeds, the video and the Android wallet Nu will be busy next week.

Thank you for the reply and for the information. More communication as such was very much needed.

I will wait for a reply on BM, hopefully it will happen soon.

This reminds me of Bitshares DPOS (delegated PoS). I don’t know the implementation details of DPOS, but I like what I expect from Nu with feeds:

  • NSR holders remain responsible for minting
  • the voting is assisted by feeds and requires less frequently activity
  • the responsibility for comparing the data from the feeds with the own preferences remains
  • the feeds can be subscribed or unsubscribed to as one likes
  • there’s no reason to keep a feed subscribed unless it provides information the share holder finds valuable
  • subscribing and unsubscribing to a feed is possible at any time (how to get gid of a DPOS delegate at Bitshares?)

I expect free feeds, but maybe there will be paid ones as well. Providing a feed is not necessarily something that is close to a full time job, although I can imagine that providers of feeds are active in the forum. They need to be active because share holders need to get a feeling for how the attitude of the feed provider is.
The first feeds will be provided by some that are already well-known, though.

One might dream of a future where participation in political decisions can be achieved on such a base!

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I have been lurking on this forum daily since its public inception with plans to improve the Nu economy. Yet, currently there is no financial incentive for me to do so, besides a promise of NuShares extending well over 3 months.

There are ulterior profit models to the Nu network that have yet to be exploited. These will have supplementary benefits to NuShares. This is what I am currently working on. Contributing to the Nu network albeit fulfilling, ultimately lacks a direct financial incentive.

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@kschneezy has been discussing real (non-crypto) business based on peershares in peercointalk. I would love to see @kschneezy starting the second application of peershares after Nu. Getting @kschneezy onboard Nu is a wise choice.


I think that the OP should be edited to reflect the current status of things. This is the most read thread in the forum.


I send the bm msg on 17th OCT,and another msg is on 07 DEC,But i don’t receive anything;If i can’t buy NSR ,please reply for me ,thanks!

Because undistributed nushares are sold at fixed $ prices, is that the reason why NSR goes down agains BTC each time BTC has made significant upward moves? This puts us in a very interesting and uncommon situation amongst other altcoins. Usually altcoin prices correlate to BTC. I’d even say that such independence from BTC is actually a very good sign because that essentially says I’m not holding all my eggs in the same basket.

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I want to sell a larger amount of NuShares (a few 100k). Is there a good possibility outside the exchanges?

700 million or 70% of the 1 billion NuShares initially created have been distributed.


I’ll let Coinmarketcap.com know. Expect our ranking to jump a bit.

Coinmarketcap.com has updated our supply to 708,819,902 NSR.

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Could we have an update on the above?

EDIT: @JordanLee If you have some time, could you disclose the monthly reports for April 2015? in “Public monthly reports including the following information will be produced:”

How many distributed shares so far?and how many remain undistributed? how many are waiting to be burnt?

Now that the protocol shift to 2.0 has passed, my understanding is that the remaining NSRs will be burnt, which makes the total NSRs in circulation amount to roughly 850m; is that correct?

My understanding is that 2.0 is being tested (have a look at the remark regarding testnet!) and not yet the current version on the network.
Only after 2.0 is the current version on the productive network the requirements for burning the NSR are met.
If the would be burnt now, there couldn’t be any created if need be.
The NSR burning has to wait a little longer.