Today is the 100th day of the Nu network. NuBits has reached second overall in worldwide trading volume for the day!

Happy to see that today’s 24h volume on excoin is over 150k nbt

I see available supply ($2,245,634) smaller than 24h volume ($ 2,256,720)
what is wrong?

i was first :stuck_out_tongue:

NuBits Trade Volume ($ 2,256,720) exceeded the available supply/market cap ($ 2,254,392) !
Did it happen before ?

Nothing wrong ! there is only 500,000 NBT sold until now and the 24h Trade Volume didn’t declined under 600,000 USD for weeks!.
If you Sold your Bitcoins for 100NBT then you sold those 100NBT to buy some Peercoins, you have contributed with 200 USD to the daily trade volume.

You were wrong :smile:

Any way i thought it deserve to be tweeted , thats why i asked.


So you are essentially saying that there is an important trade volume on NBT/PPC at CCEDK without a lot of PPC stored at the exchange (placed into the order book) because traders are very happy trading at a high sell price (very close to the highest sell price of BTC-E).

But if we implement the book mirroring, that nice property will disappear; however we would be able to erase the risk of liquidity loss.

Well the liquidity is real but yes in terms of risk, it behaves as some sort of leverage.

The bot will have the best prices according to Jordan. Whether it will provide the same or even highter liquidity than the mirrored exchanges depends on policy and strategy, which would take performance and risk into account, I think,

Right. In his calculation NuBot got the best price overall because you are able to pick up the best price at each layer. Tks for reminding me.