Tier 2 liquidity now widely used

Recently, Tier 1 buy side liquidity (the only tier presently displayed in the client) has dropped to around 53,000 NBT, at the moment I write this. NuBot 0.1.5 has just been deployed in production and it permits a good separation of funds between Tier 1 and Tier 2 and an agile ability to transfer between the two. Unfortunately, because the client does not display anything but Tier 1, much of the available liquidity has just passed from the view of shareholders. Tier 1 sits on the order book. Tier 2 sits on the exchange off order book. NuBot 0.1.5 supports a minimum and maximum wall size. Funds in the exchange account are only placed on the order book up to the maximum wall size. Jamie Miller, supporting Bter currently, is using a maximum wall size of 5,000 NBT:

As soon as any of this liquidity is consumed, additional funds are pulled from Tier 2 and placed on the order book. There are hundreds of BTC in Tier 2 buy side liquidity right now, even though only 22.39 show on the order book and in the Nu client.

I would like to prioritize the display of Tier 2 liquidity in the next release, perhaps in a release that only contains that feature so we can get it out quickly. I will be speaking about this with the team in the coming days to finalize plans. We will keep everyone updated.

Sorry for the confusion. This is an important step toward a better liquidity model. We just need to implement Tier 2 in the Nu client to make the progress consistent and clear.


I guess Tier 2 should not be used frequently because ideally Tier 1 should get a large support with plenty of LPCs.
This is what we will see from now on, hopefully.

Where does it sit exactly?

Change is implemented in nubot 0.1.5 RC4, soon being tested and deployed.

The tier2 liquidity is now submitted to the client using a different identifier, that the client aggregates. The identifiers is still not visible via RPC, but I believe there is an open ticket to make it visible. The identifier also contains information about the market and pair.