Thoughts on using Paypal for NBT/USD entry and exit

Googling a bit but it seems we could do the same with this would enable us to accept a shitload of payment options ( and then withdraw the proceedings in BTC if I’m correct.

I don’t know what kind of premiums above companies charge for all of this though.

perfectmoney and okpay is best than paypal

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RE: okpay, perfectmoney
I understand but residents of the US cannot use either.

RE: paypal fees…
I understand and agree completely. Paypal is a pain! But give me another option for US residents that can enable the quick processing of fiat in and out?

sorry lr was down by fbi

relevant -> [Passed] Promoting Nubits to internet payment processors, exchanges, and gateways

Thanks for bringing it up. Don’t reinvent the wheels. Fiat PEGs (payment processors, currency exchangers, and payment gateways) have been thought about worked on. Keep it going and continue discussion in those threads.

I think deep NBT/fiat liquidity held by many for-profit-and-profitable PEGs is the ultimate way for Nu to florish.

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would an LLC registered in the states not have to become a MSB in every state?? Would you not be better in the UK where you dont need to register and your customers can be global including NY and Colorado legally

I had been thinking of setting up a website for entry and exit via fiat and registering it in the IOM that is the new crypto hub,Just checking how much this would cost me over the next few days.Yes I also think the customer should bare the brunt of the charges,or they could be absorbed in the spread or if you want a $ peg paid as an extra

u can set up a gateway at ripple

will look into that in the morning.Do you think there is a market for NBT-fiat-vice versa ??