The Fiat Peg Problem

i think this is the correct thread to write my thoughts about pegging value.
during the last month i see in coinmarketcap the nubits value always at 0.99…$
i know that it doesn’t have much difference from 1$ value. but i believe it is a little bit
psychological to see nubits at 1$ even if it is 1.01 or 1.02 which i have seen it sometimes.
It is the same phenomenon as in the merchant space where we see the goods to be priced at 9,99$
and not 10$. people will think that 9.99$ is much cheaper than 10$.
yes it is strange, but it is working!
the same with nubit, we say that 1nbt=1$ but people will see it as 0.99 and will think that peg is lost!!!
Perhaps we should try to have nbt always during 1.01 $ at all times :wink:

edit: not a reply to MoD :slight_smile:

The solution to the problem as I see it is a wide tolerance and a ‘shift’ parameter in the bot. This will allow custodians to individually tighten their spreads in a single direction, thereby tracking a slightly offset price based on their own personal preference. By controlling the allowed spreads, shareholders and operators can give the custodians an appropriate belly to operate in and still feel market forces according to their own custodial agendas. This is a blend of solution 1 and 2 because it gives the custodians a wide allowed spread to subtly track the local price as they see fit.