Team Task: Determine what information we would like to see presented in a proposal submitted by a prospective custodians

I’d like to create a starting point for a template that custodian proposals can be submitted with that meet the needs of sharesholders. To make sure that I’m including all of the right sections / content, I would like to have this peer reviewed by the team to make sure that nothing is missing.

Required Content for a Custodial Grant Proposal

  1. Proposal Name
  2. Type (Dividend, Liquidity, Hybrid, Social, Development, Marketing, etc…)
  3. Requested Amount of NBT
  4. Custodial Fee (% / Amount)
  5. Terms of the Grant (Detailed description of the grant’s purpose, operation, intended outcome)
  6. Additional Details (attachments, diagrams, models)
  7. Custodial Fee Justification
  8. Custodial Address (for voting)

Am I missing anything? If not, I’ve got a proposal that I’ll be submitting, and will submit it in a format that I believe can be a starting point for the template. If there are additional sections that the team feels are needed, or if what is described above contains information that is not needed, please let me know.


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