Probability to find a kernel

How is the probability to find a kernel in nushare calculated. Is it proportional to coindays in a utxo, like it is in peercoin, or proportional to coin amount?

It’s based only on the amount of the output and the current difficulty.

Thanks @sigmike. How does nushare combine small stakes in the same address into bigger ones? I remember for peercoin it is such that stakes that can’t find a kernel in 90 days at current difficulty get combined (if a kernel is found in the same address).

While minting when the client finds a kernel (an output allowed to create a block) it tries to combine other outputs from the same address that are not allowed to mint (because they don’t have the 10k minimum amount requires).

Then it tries to make as many 10k outputs as possible. For example if you have 33k as total input there will be 2 outputs with 10k and 1 output with 13k. 10k is the default because it’s the minimum amount allowed to mint. You can change the split amount with the config/argument splitshareoutputs. The same process applies when sending NSR in normal transactions.

This process was removed and replaced by the one described above.

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If a lot of outputs are generated with the same amount at the same time (in the same second), wouldn’t they all become kernels at the same time according to this ?

No because the position of the output (txPrev.vout.n) is included in the hash.

OK. I thought the offset was of the address.

In normal transactions, if I send 33k as in your example, three outputs will be generated. Will the fee also be 1 NSR / kb ? The Nu client will do and show the fee calculation according to this NSR-specific behavior before sending?

Yes the fee is also 1 NSR / kb. 3 outputs may not exceed 1 kb, but it depends on the inputs. The calculated fee takes the splitting into account. This behavior doesn’t change anything in the protocol, it’s just your wallet that sends the amount to multiple outputs instead of one. You could do that with NBT or bitcoins too, but it’s just useless there.