Poll: Peercoin or Bitcoin as the most desired way to distribute BKS dividends?

As requested in a related poll, here’s the one for BCE.

In which coin(s) do you want to have your BlockShares dividends distributed?

  • Only Bitcoin (according to design paper)
  • Only Peercoin
  • Both
  • Something else (please provide information in the thread)

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well, since i imagine the dividends would be a small amount (jn general)
i would prefer ppc. in btc, dividends’ amount could be “dust” :smiley:

That will highly depend on the economical success of BCE :wink:

i don’t see your vote :smiley:

Maybe I voted “Only Peercoin” :wink:

i am the only voter here at the moment :smiley:

Until now I was the only person knowing that :stuck_out_tongue:

ideally it would be pay out in the currency of the users choice, maybe it can be automated to exchange with one of the currencies supported by B&C exchange

What I just posted has as much relevance to this thread as it does in the other: