Period 001A Dividend Distributed

Thanks for the transparency and hard work.

Thanks, i got mine.

I did not received yet. I bought my shares yesterday.

If you bought them yesterday, you were not eligible for dividend as I understand it.

Thank you for your hard work.

thanks, thats really appreciated !

If anybody is interested in re-investing the dividends in Nu ->

I purchased ~12000 NuShares at this time:

Should have I received any dividends? My calculations is that I should receive ~0.70 PPC and I have not receive anything so far.

Here’s the dividend transaction:

$50,000 of value was just sent to who-knows-how-many anonymous people, in minutes, for a fee of about 15 cents. Say hello to the future.


If you can condense this down to 140 characters, you’ve just written our next pinned tweet at the top of . Well said.

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Have you followed all the steps in this thread? NuShares dividend address

If your shares were purchased less than 36 hours prior to the dividend being disbursed, my understanding is that you would not have qualified. However, your NSR would now be eligible for all future dividends.

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Tweaked slightly, but your words were still a striking example of how powerful this technology is.

Yes, I have both Nu and Peercoin client synchronised.

The purchase was effective at 11:41:57 (UTC/GMT) on 11/19/2014 you can check it here:

The dividens payout was effective at 3:11:18 on 11/21/2014 as you can check here:

So, the payout was effective more than 39 hours after the purchase of the NuShares. So, theoretically the PPC address associated with the NuShares address should be in the payout’s address list.

The associated PPC address is PSaEaz5JYkeyvJHm3bVruTPLBLPStcajNh as you can check here:

I would like to make clear that my concern is not about the payment itself (which I have calculated around 0.8 PPC) but about the integrity of the payout operation.

perhaps it needs more than 39 hours?
how can we check this?

I am guessing this is the only explanation. I would like to know where to consult this in some official place.


Perhaps @sigmike would be able to go into detail as to how it works on a protocol level.

It seems to me that instead of working on a protocol level the conditions to be eligible to be included in the payout are set by the custodian in the Custodian Proposal.

In this case, @KTm is responsible for this, as she is handling this Custodial Grant. The conditions set in this case are clear and can be found here:

So, I guess she is the one to clarify what happened here.

I would not like this is taken as a direct criticism to anybody but to a way the community can learn which mechanisms are better to handle this complicated and inevitable processes. Even more complicated knowing this is the first dividends payout ever in Nu history.

Cheers, jaspita

I see. I would not have figured that, as I did not realize custodians have any say on who gets dividends, or at least any way to enforce that.

I clicked on “Distribute Dividends” in the Nu Client and your address was in the list, but one thing I noticed was that the “Record date (local time)” field shows 11/22/2014 12:00:00 AM by default when it is currently 11/22/2014 9:52 AM. So that may explain a large gap of hours in the time frame for releasing dividends. Personally, I think 36 hours of ownership is far too small of a window for earning dividends. The network requires about a week before one could start start minting by stake. That sounds like a good window for dividends also if you ask me.

I agree with you that might be the origin of the problem.

I guess this is a discussion the community should have.